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Ellen Pompeo's Wedding Plans Revealed

Ellen Pompeo is dishing on her upcoming wedding to fiancé Chris Ivery, but she’s warning not to expect anything extravagant.

"There will be no 'big' anything," the “Grey's Anatomy” star says. “"It's going to be very small."

Ellen’s keeping her lips sealed on other details about the big nuptials, revealing only that the ceremony won’t take place in Los Angeles.

“We were thinking about going away and getting married," she said.

Ellen, 37, met record producer Chris Ivery at an L.A. grocery store in 2003.

After striking up a friendship, they quickly discovered that they’d grown up just 10 miles away from each other in Massachusetts.

"We have a lot in common," Ellen said. “We're from the same hometown, almost."

Ellen says her fiancé has changed her life because, “I just have somebody to share everything with, all of these moments. The bad ones and the good ones. We have a very strong bond, and we just understand each other. He's just a real companion."

So when Ivery proposed on her 37th birthday, she knew it was coming.

“Chris and I have been together for four and a half years, so I was completely surprised, but not that surprised,” Ellen admitted. “We've been together awhile."