Yes, Sir! This Military Bachelor is Hot!

Greg Plitt is like a real-life G.I. Joe.

He graduated from the prestigious United States Military Academy at Westpoint, was a member of the exclusive Army Rangers, and he’s a fitness model!

But wait, it doesn’t stop there.

He stars in the “Icon Men” exercise DVD, his rockin’ bod is on countless magazine covers, he’s the face of the new “Angel Men” and “Ice Men” cologne campaigns, and he’s on the hit show, “Design to Sell!”

And now this hot bachelor is ready to find his G.I. Jane!

If your pulse isn’t racing yet, here are his vital stats: he’s 29, stands over six feet tall, and his body fat is less than 5 percent.

So does that mean a girl has to be buff to go out with him?

“I would hope not,” Greg insisted. “They have to be curvy and look like a lady, I don’t want to date a dude!”

When it comes to meeting women, this guy has a secret weapon: “Dogs are man’s best friend, especially when picking up chicks.”

Greg also likes to live on the edge – he goes skydiving! But don’t think he’s just a hard-core hunk. He’s got a softer side.

“I open the doors, I hold their hands,” Greg promised.

Gentle but strong – nice combo!

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