Is Roseanne Barr Replacing Rosie?

Controversial comedian Roseanne Barr knows a thing or two about ruffling feathers in the entertainment world.

“Extra” caught up with Roseanne in Las Vegas where she’s bringing her own “view” to the city with her new show, “All You Can Eat Comedy Buffet.”

While the comedy veteran told us she would welcome a seat on “The View,” she said, “I think I’m much more controversial than Rosie O’Donnell.”

That might be a bad thing, because she thinks the boss of the show, Barbara Walters, might want to take a break from controversy.

"Maybe Barbara Walters doesn't like that,” Barr said. “She'll probably go a little safer, I think.”

But “safe” isn’t a word in Roseanne’s dictionary right now.

She described her new show as “a clean act with swearing,” and is sounding off on everyone from Paris Hilton to David Hasselhoff!

On Paris, she says, "I’m so happy. I mean, it almost makes up for O.J.!”

Roseanne even made light of The Hoff’s drunken video, saying, “I didn't know he had a problem. He was the designated drunk driver when we were going out!”

Ultimately, standup comedy is always going to be Roseanne’s first love.

“I’m writing the jokes right until I step up on stage,” she admitted.