Brooke Shields' Candid Confession

Beautiful Brooke Shields has accomplished a lot in her life: she’s been a model, an actress, a spokeswoman, and a mother to two little girls.

Now “Extra” is with her on her newest assignment – working for the Chain of Confidence campaign – where she’s revealing some stunning information about her life as a teen.

Despite being a star as a kid and a supermodel as a teenager, Brooke reveals she didn’t always feel great about herself.

“I’ve always had issues of self-confidence,” Brooke admits. “I was always the tallest; I was always awkward, kind of gawky.”

That’s part of what makes Brooke’s involvement with the Chain of Confidence campaign so special. She’s setting out to tell kids and teens that the best way to build confidence is through female friendships.

“It’s really hard for anyone to think they are good enough,” says Brooke.

Next up for beautiful Brooke – “Lipstick Jungle,” the new NBC sitcom from “Sex and the City’s” Candace Bushnell.

“I’m very excited about it,” Brooke told us. “It’s about three very powerful women, and when they falter, they have each other.”

After all she’s been through, Brooke has some words of advice for the Hollywood’s young partygirls.

“Just try to have a proper perspective,” Brooke pleads. “These young people, they just got given a lot quickly. They are young, impressionable – and it’s frightening.”

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