Angelina Jolie to Take a Year Off of Work

Soak up Angelina Jolie while you can – she’s about to take a year off work!

Angelina just told reporters in Cannes, France, that she’ll take a year off to spend time with her family.

While promoting “A Mighty Heart,” Angelina said, “I’m working this summer. I’m in Prague for a few months, then I take two months off, then I work for two months. And then I take a year off."

Angelina didn’t say whether or not her partner Brad Pitt would take 2008 off as well. While she told reporters the big news at the exclusive Hotel du Cap in France, Brad looked after the kiddies in a nearby villa.

Brad and Angie made their grand entrance on the red carpet Monday night past a frenzy of photographers trying to capture the world’s most beautiful couple hand-in-hand.

They arrived in Cannes for the world premiere of “A Mighty Heart,” in which Angelina stars as Mariane Pearl, whose journalist husband Daniel was captured and killed in Pakistan.

It was a difficult role for Angelina for many reasons, due in part because she got to know Mariane and her son Adam personally.

She has called the experience of making the film “haunting.”

But Angelina’s determination to portray her friend realistically and respectfully is paying off – flattering reviews are coming in from Cannes.

The Hollywood Reporter says Angelina delivers “a well-measured and moving performance” and is able to master Mariane’s difficult French and Cuban accent.

For now, Angie and her growing brood will remain on the French Riviera for a few more days while Brad promotes “Ocean’s 13.”

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