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Farrah: Another Battle to Fight

As if battling cancer for a second time weren’t enough, superstar Farrah Fawcett is taking on an all new fight – this one in the courtroom.

“Extra” has earned that Farrah plans to sue the National Enquirer over a story that friends are calling “disgusting.”

Farrah says friends and family had to learn about her cancer’s return not from her, but from the pages of the tabloid.

She is now planning to sue the Enquirer for “invasion of privacy,” “libel” and “infliction of emotional distress.”

Her friend, former “Charlie’s Angel” star Cheryl Ladd, told us, “That is just disgusting. That’s not fair.”

Ladd is sharing in Farrah’s outrage, telling us, “Is it really worth those few dollars? That makes me sick.”

Now Cheryl wants to send Farrah a personal message through “Extra:” “Farrah, God bless you girl, and I am praying for you…you’ll make it.”

Craig Nevins, Farrah’s friend and executive producer of her reality show, “Chasing Farrah,” told “Extra” that the tabloid stories have been “hurtful to Farrah and her family and potentially harmful to her recovery.”

“Extra” asked you to send your own messages to Farrah, and the response has been overwhelming.

Laura wrote, “You are a true American idol and icon. I wish you and your family enormous strength during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.”

There’s no doubt these are the same wishes the whole world is sending to Farrah.