Gimme Gimme: The Burrow Bed

Three great things about The Burrow Bed:

a) Dogs who love to burrow under covers and cushions have a bed made just for them
b) Bed won’t get compacted or crushed, even after years of use
c) Entire bed is machine washable and dryable; cover is removable

Who Needs It:

Smaller dogs who like to burrow, such as Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Mini Pins, Poms, Jack Russells, Rat Terriers and Boston Terriers. The bed can accommodate medium-sized dogs, and even large dogs can use the Burrow Bed (special order large sizes are available by request).

Perfect For Dogs Who:

• Need a safe place of their own.
• Need help staying warm
• Want an enclosed bed they won’t have to share
• Like to cuddle together in an enclosed space

You can get more info on The Burrow Bed at .