Apolo Needs More than a Dance Partner!

He’s the highly competitive athlete whose fancy footwork and boyish charm have landed him in the finals on “Dancing with the Stars” – and now Apolo Anton Ohno is looking for love!

Yes, despite rumors that Apolo might be in a romantic rumba with his dancing partner Julianne Hough, who broke off her engagement a few weeks ago, the Olympic heartthrob is insisting he’s still a bachelor.

“We’re just friends,” Apolo said.

So this very single 24-year-old hunk is on the market and looking for the right woman!

“The perfect girl would be one who is independent, intelligent, very goal-oriented,” said Apolo.

Just don’t expect him to take you out on your first date in his dancing duds.

“Oh, there’s no glitter and sequins on me,” Apolo promised. “No way, babe!”

And as if this guy weren’t talented enough, there’s another thing he has mastered: the kitchen!

Apolo just learned how to make sushi at the California Sushi Academy, and it’s been said he makes a mean Rainbow Roll.

Skater, dancer – and chef. He’s America’s Most Eligible.

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