Simon's Mom Spills Mr. Mean's Secrets!

He’s the judge known for his heart of stone, but “Extra” knows that sinister Simon has a soft side – and we have proof!

Simon’s queen mum, Julie Cowell, spilled all the secrets about her famous son.

Julie, who is 81 years young, can still pull her weight with her naughty son. When Simon walked onstage to "American Idol" with gum in his mouth, Julie did what any mother would do – yell!

“He walked out and I thought, ‘I can’t believe he’s chewing gum,’” Julie said. “And I went, ‘Simon!’ It was like he was three years old and did it immediately.”

So what really happens when Mr. Nasty shows his mean side? Julie calls him up on the phone!

“Mother still has a go,” Julie insisted.

It turns out the King of Cruel is really the Prince of Charm…especially around Mother’s Day.

“I had a new car from him a few weeks ago, which he insisted on buying me, so I’ll take that as a Mother’s Day present,” Julie said.

As for anything else she needs from her famous son…how about a marriage?

Julie said she wants Simon to marry “Extra’s” own Terri Seymour!

Here’s to hoping Mum gets her wish!