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Paris Hilton: 'I Think the Sentence Is both Cruel and Unwarranted'

Paris Hilton is headed to jail – and “Extra” has all the details!

When the pampered princess starts her 45-day jail sentence on June 5, she can throw away her Blackberry and kiss her designer duds goodbye.

Her latest fashion will be a jumpsuit, one bra and two pairs of panties a week.

That’s got a lot of people talking, like comedian Howie Mandel, who joked, “She gets two pairs of panties a week – that’s more than she’s used to!”

But Paris will have to wash those panties in the shower by hand, because the detention center has no laundry facilities.

The jail cell she’ll be in is only 12-foot by 8-foot, with a toilet, sink and tiny window. She will have one 5-minute shower a day with plain soap.

Meals at the county jail aren’t going to be any better; she’ll have one hard-boiled egg and cold cereal for breakfast, a bologna sandwich for lunch and dinner will be her only hot meal.

All of this has Paris crying foul – and “Extra” was there with her first comments since the sentence.

“I was treated unfairly,” Paris said. “I think the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted, and I don’t deserve this.”

Her mom Kathy is also upset by the punishment, admitting that she’s in a state of shock.

“I’m numb,” Kathy said.

Even the stars are weighing in to “Extra” about Paris’ time in the slammer!

“Maybe there’s a new reality show in there,” Jerry O’Connell suggested.

Added “Dancing with the Stars” performer Joey Fatone, “What’s wrong with you? Your license was suspended. Obviously get a driver!”

The sentence stems from an incident last September when Hilton was arrested for drunk driving. She pleaded no contest and had her license revoked.

But Paris was caught driving again in her blue Bentley, and she was hauled into court!

Her attorney said there will be an appeal for a modified sentence.

In the meantime, the countdown to lockdown begins as Paris gets ready to head to the big house.