America’s Most Eligible: The NASCAR Hunk Looking for Miss Right

Carl Edwards lives life in the fast lane; he’s a full-time NASCAR driver, a part-time pilot and a budding actor.

The only thing missing? A special lady to call his own.

“I'm just on the road and gone all the time,” he said. “And that's what makes it tough.”

Best known in the NASCAR world for his trademark back flips, the 27-year-old Missouri native is 6-feet-1-inch tall and weighs 185. And get this – he loves his mom!

“I'm a little bit of a mama's boy,” he admitted. “I just am. I mean she did a lot of things for me growing up, and we were best friends so a lot of things I learned about women I learned from my mom.”

It will be a lucky girl who ends up with Carl, and if you think you’re the one, click here for your chance to date him!