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David Hasselhoff's Cry for Help

Alarming footage of Hasselhoff drunk on the floor in his Las Vegas residence.

David Hasselhoff is a man in crisis.

“Extra” has obtained recent video in which a shirtless and extremely intoxicated Hasselhoff sits on the floor in his residence in Las Vegas so out of it that he is unable to feed himself a hamburger.

In the disturbing footage, a close family member, who is off camera, pleaded with him to “stop drinking.”

In a statement to “Extra” through his attorneys, David Hasselhoff said, “I am a recovering alcoholic. Despite that I have been going through a painful divorce and I have recently been separated from my children due to my work, I have been successfully dealing with my issue.

Unfortunately, I did have a brief relapse, but part of recovery is relapse. Because of my honest and positive relationship with my children, who were concerned for my well-being, there was a tape made when I had a relapse to show me what I was like. I have seen the tape. I have learned from it, and I am back on my game. I hope that someone else will learn from the tape, as I have. I thank God for the love and concern from my children. ”

In the video, an incoherent Hasselhoff was disciplined by the worried family member, who said, “If you get alcohol tonight, you are fired from the show [The Producers] tomorrow and the doctor is coming over here in the morning to check your alcohol level. If you have any alcohol in your system, you are going to be fired from the show.”

Hasselhoff promised to stop drinking after he is told his behavior was “not fair to your family.” The person implored Hasselhoff, “Tell me you are going to stop, tell me you are going to stop.” Eventually, a drunken Hasselhoff answered, “Yep… yes… mmmhmm.”

During the video, Hasselhoff is repeatedly asked why he continued to “do this” to himself.

Hasselhoff, who is presently locked in a bitter custody battle for his daughters with his ex-wife Pamela Bach, mumbled, “Cause, I’m lonely. I have trouble in my life.”

The family member responded, “You have me.” To which Hasselhoff replied, “I don’t have you in my life… bull___… I don’t have you… I don’t have you.”

The family member declared, “You are throwing your life away. It's stupid.”