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How Maureen McCormick Took Control of Her Ballooning Body

She was a beloved child star, the prettiest of the “Bunch” – but now Maureen McCormick is breaking her silence about the painful secret she kept hidden from the world.

In an exclusive interview with “Extra,” McCormick revealed the humiliation she felt when she could no longer control her weight.

After battling with depression, McCormick gave in to cravings and ballooned to 150 pounds – on a 5-foot-3-inch frame.

“I craved tons of pasta, breads, and ice cream,” said McCormick.

The resulting weight gain left her no other option but to wear overalls, and her embarrassment was made worse when the paparazzi began to document her shocking new look.

That’s when McCormick decided to head back to television – and sign up for a grueling fitness schedule with “Celebrity Fit Club.”

Since then, the former Brady has made drastic changes in her life – working out six days a week, cooking healthy meals, and even shopping for new clothes!

With her old overalls cast aside, McCormick told us, “I feel incredible.”