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The Five Biggest Lies of Working Out – Exposed!

Thought crunches were the answer to flat, fabulous abs?


Bravo’s Jackie Warner tells “Extra” that crunches are a waste of time!

Jackie told us instead pushups are better for your bod because you’re building muscle and burning fat. And that’s the truth!

The second lie? That lifting weights will bulk you up. Turns out it only speeds up your metabolism. All you need is 10 to 15 reps to get your body moving and burning fat.

Here’s one that will bum out everyone looking for a quick-fix: a cardiovascular workout like the treadmill will only improve your heart – not your body! Turns out you’re not done for the day after a quick run.

Then, just when you thought a little bit of sugar was safe…Jackie told “Extra,” “I say on the show all the time, sugar is the devil!”

Instead, Jackie advised to snack on something like veggies and dip or a protein bar.

Finally, myth number five: starving yourself will lead to a great body.

Jackie told us, “Starving yourself will help you lose weight. It's a temporary fix that creates a permanent problem.”

When you starve yourself, the next thing you eat gets metabolized as fat.

That’s the skinny on “Extra’s” fitness facts – and fiction!