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Suzanne Somers Talks Buried Treasure and Plastic Surgery Secrets!

Suzanne Somers is telling “Extra” exclusively about her will to rebuild – and the one precious item that couldn’t be destroyed by fire.

Somers sat down with “Extra” to go back to that painful day five months ago when a vicious fire destroyed her Malibu home.

But it could have been a lot more painful if not for her eagle eye.

Just as a recovery worker was about to throw it aside, Somers noticed the impossible: her wedding band!

She says the experience has taught her that material things don’t matter – and that rebuilding is in the works.

But that’s not all she’s rebuilding!

The former Thighmaster queen is launching a new business that allows women to sell her fashion, beauty and jewelry lines by holding “Suzanne Parties” – think Tupperware parties, with a new spin!

Somers is confident women will make the business a success.

“Women are making money, loving it, giving these parties," she told us.

Somers, who turned 60 this year, also revealed the secret to her ageless look: collagen fillers – on her cheeks.