Meet 'Extra's' Sexy Eligible Bachelor: Steve Santagati

“Whoever ends up with me is going to have the most exciting, fun, diverse life ever,” he promised. “I’m all set financially. I’m healthy. I don’t have any skeletons in my closet. Well, there are a few ex-girlfriends who might want to kill me… But other than that, I’m pretty good!”

Pretty good? Try really good!

You want an understanding man? This New Yorker is such a pro at relationships, he wrote a book about them called “The Manual.”

Steve is a Scorpio, an extreme sports enthusiast, and he’s also a former model and a seasoned television host.

“The bottom line is whoever meets me is either going to get me or not get me, and likewise I’m either going to get her or not get her,” he said.

Ok ladies, want to know just how to get him? Let's start with the basics.

“I'm available if someone wonderful should come and stop me in my tracks,” Steve said. “I will be a committed, monogamous boyfriend.”

He added, “It's very important to me that a woman stays in shape. You can call it shallow or whatever, but the bottom line is that the people that take care of themselves have self-respect, and self-respect manifests itself in every other area of the relationship.”

As far as his best feature, Steve told us, “I would say my best feature is my sense of humor. I have a 12-year-old sense of humor.”

Here's what Steve says he sees first in a woman: “Honestly, I’m a guy, and there are certain things that we genetically look at first,” he said. “It’s usually boobs, bum, boobs, bum again, and then eyes, lips, hair.”

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