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Willa Ford: Channeling the World's Most Famous Pin-up

From the pink robe to the platinum blonde hair, “Extra” is unveiling the first images of Willa Ford’s dramatic transformation into Anna Nicole Smith.

Only “Extra” sat down with the stunning “Dancing with the Stars” alum to talk about the eerie similarities that helped Willa land her first starring role.

“I’ve been there, in a lot of her places before, so I can relate in a lot of ways,” Willa dished.

Both were blonde bombshells who posed for Playboy magazine to help kick start their careers; and like Anna, Willa is a small town girl with big Hollywood dreams.

“People told me it was impossible,” Willa recalled of the folks in Ruskin, Florida. “It’s a really small town. My dad’s a farmer. It’s a tiny deal and everybody told me and my family that we were crazy. I would never be here, I would never make it. That’s what has drove her.”

But physically, Anna and Willa are very different.

“Anna Nicole was 5’11”, 160 pounds in her good days,” Willa said. “I’m 5’7”, 120.”

So to portray the late Anna Nicole, Willa is using prosthetics and a fat suit to pack on 80 extra pounds, and we were the first to show her hockey star fiancé Mike Modano his bride-to-be’s big makeover.

“She’s got the look; they did a great job,” Mike admitted.

And Willa admitted her Anna Nicole reflection is a bit bizarre:

“It’s scary when you watch yourself walk away; that is not your body,” she admitted. “You are like, ‘Wow. Wow!’ It keeps me on a really good diet.”