Heather Mills: 'I Just Had a Feeling'

Heather Mills danced off “Dancing with the Stars” Tuesday night after the judges scores and the viewers’ votes put her at the bottom of the pack.

However, after the show, Heather told “Extra” she wasn’t surprised.

“I’m very intuitive, very instinctive,” she said. “I just had a feeling.”

Mills even showed us the farewell speech she kept tucked inside her costume!

While Heather may no longer tango for ABC, she has inspired millions with her grace, poise and confidence, in addition to earning the respect from all of the “Dancing” pros.

“I would never think a person with a prosthetic leg can dance like she can,” Edyta said. “And she really can.”

“She asked us to judge her the way we judge everyone else,” Judge Carrie Ann revealed. “There were times when I just wanted to give her a 10 just for her getting out there.”

“What I'll miss the most is dancing with Jonathan,” Heather told us. “What I'll miss the least is being sprayed with brown tan. Everything else I can cope with, but my bed sheets are brown every night so I won't miss that at all.”

So what’s next for the England native?

“I’m so behind in my studies