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Willa Ford Packs on 80 Pounds to Play Anna Nicole Smith

She was one of the heavenly bodies on last season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

But now Willa Ford is undergoing a dramatic transformation, packing on the pounds to play Anna Nicole Smith.

After nailing the audition and dying her hair platinum blonde, Willa Ford dished she has finally come into the world of the late Playboy bunny, model and reality TV star.

“The bigger she got, the less she wanted to move,” she said of Anna.

Now Willa is going one on one with “Extra” about winning the role of Smith in the new big screen biopic about her tragic life.

“I seem to play a really good doped up Anna,” Willa joked, adding, “The key to doing it is honestly just becoming as lazy as you possibly can.”

Filming for the flick started this week, and Willa told us she has been hard at work studying the signature Anna slur.

“Think lazy, don’t move; she didn’t want to move her mouth sometimes, that’s why she slurred so many times,” she revealed.

While Willa perfects Anna’s mannerisms, she is going to need some movie magic to capture Anna’s bigger-than-life look on screen.

“Anna Nicole was 5’11, 160 in her good days,” Willa said. “I’m 5’7, 120… so, clearly, there’s a huge difference.”

The singer-turned-actress is using prosthetics and a fat suit to pack on 80 pounds, but Willa admitted that it is not an easy task.

“It’s like I’m sweating in there; I’m going to lose another 10 pounds playing this part; they’re going to have to keep throwing cheeseburgers in me,” she joked.

And the food better be coming, otherwise Willa won’t be able to wear her beautiful eye-popping engagement ring from her pro-hockey husband-to-be, Mike Modano.

But when is their big day?

“Maybe this summer, maybe next summer,” Ford said. “It’s going to be quick and simple; I’m not a Bridezilla.”

But right now it’s all about getting her new Anna Nicole role just right: “This is my first big film, and it’s quite the pants to fill… literally!”