'Extra' Exclusive: 'Spiderman 3' Makes World Premiere in Japan

“Spiderman 3” made a stunning worldwide premiere in Tokyo Monday, and “Extra’s” own Jerry Penacoli was in the middle of Spidey’s international web.

“I’m excited; I haven’t seen the film yet so this will be it for me,” the man of the hour, Tobey Maguire, revealed.

Not only did Tobey take in the movie, he also took the family on a little Far East vacation, bringing his newborn daughter, Ruby, and fiancée Jennifer Meyer along for the red carpet event.

But what does the little one think of Daddy’s big screen alter-ego?

“She’s only five months old, she’s not watching movies yet,” Maguire said.

Also taking in the sights, and those infamous karaoke bars, was co-star Kirsten Dunst, who told “Extra” they’d been hitting the Tokyo bars to sing “some Bruce Springsteen.”

Catch “Spiderman 3,” when the film hits theaters May 4.