Halle Berry: The Star of Bruce Willis' Fantasy

The beautiful Halle Berry and talented Bruce Willis are no strangers to fame, the spotlight or each other.

In the pair’s new movie, “Perfect Stranger,” Berry plays an investigative reporter venturing into the dark side of Internet chat rooms to track down her best friend’s killer.

But at Tuesday night’s red carpet premiere, the stunning Oscar winner was dressed to kill in a black sequined Versace frock as she took on the Big Apple.

Halle blushed when “Extra’s” AJ. Calloway passed along a sexy secret from her co-star, Bruce Willis, as we revealed she had made it to Bruce’s fantasy threesome, which also includes Meryl Streep.

“Fantasy threesome? Really?” Berry inquired. “Wow, that just blew my mind right there!”

And Bruce couldn’t wait to hear Halle’s reaction.

“How’s that going?” Willis asked A.J., who revealed Halle was “pretty impressed.”

But Bruce knew better, laughing it off and revealing, “There’s no way she’s going for that idea.”

It seems that Bruce’s premonitions were right; Halle told “Extra,” “That will probably never happen. That will always be a fantasy of Bruce Willis.”

Bruce did get, however, a peck on the cheek from a very attentive Ms. Berry, calling it, “Nice. I like that.”

You can also catch a dapper Bruce catching Sanjaya fever Thursday night on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

“I did a thing on Letterman last night; made fun of it, what’s his name? Sanjaya,” Willis dished.

While Bruce might be making fun of the “American Idol” wannabes, Halle confessed she’s a true “A.I.” fan.

“I like Melinda,” she said. “Oh and Jordan!”

You can see one of America’s “Perfect” idols when “Perfect Stranger” hits theaters on Friday.