Carrie Ann: 'I Was Sad Because a Lot of the Women are Going Very Early'

Sadly, the “Dancing with the Stars” curtain fell on “Extra’s” own Leeza Gibbons Tuesday night.

“I’ll miss the body glitter and the false eyelashes and the rhinestones that I would frequently wear on my eyes,” Gibbons said of her departure. “I will not miss the calluses on my feet and the bloody toes.”

Leeza’s final bow had Judge Carrie Ann Inaba holding back tears.

“I was sad because this year a lot of the women are going very early, and I find it a little disconcerting,” Carrie Ann admitted.

When the “Dancing” judge hit the “Extra” set Wednesday morning, she opened up about Len’s tongue lashing to the performers about not getting in enough practice before show time.

But like Len, Carrie Ann feels the stars are not practicing as much this time around.

“I agree with him,” she said, adding, “You really only do well in the show if you dance well.”

While the judges vented their frustration, a surprise appearance from season two champ Drew Lachey lightened the mood.

Lachey, who drew thunderous cheers from the audience, fueled the “Dancing” fire for this season’s contestants.

“I think that it kind of reminded them of what a winner is and a winner has that extra magic,” Carrie Ann said of Drew’s surprise performance.

There were more surprises on Tuesday night’s show as another “Extra” alum confirmed she’s expecting a new co-host of sort -- Samantha Harris is expecting!

“I'm pregnant folks, and Dayna, I'm gonna be calling you for some advice,” Samantha promised.

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