Shocking 'Sopranos' Secrets Revealed!

“Sopranos” fans everywhere are still reeling about Sunday night’s shocker, when a booze-filled brawl broke out between Tony Soprano and his brother-in-law, Bobby Bacala, played by Steve Schirripa.

Only “Extra” sat down with Schirripa as he spilled secrets from the set of the HBO smash hit. He even revealed that co-star James Gandolfini really got hurt shooting the rambunctious scene.

“When I head-butt him, I really head-butted him. It was an accident, and I felt terrible; he went down like a tree,” Steve dished. “In real life, I think he probably would kick my butt!”

Of course “Sopranos” fans are dying to know if Bobby is going to pay the price for taking on Tony, but Schirripa wouldn’t spill the beans.

However, according to the latest Vegas odds, Tony Soprano’s chances of getting whacked are 17-2. Christopher’s odds are 2-1, Paulie’s 4-1 and Silvio’s 7-1. Interestingly enough, Bobby is not even in play.

“Bobby getting whacked… a long shot I think,” Schirripa confessed.

While Bobby Bacala’s last days may not be over yet, will he survive the final season?

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