Teen Queen Emma Roberts Turns into a Fashionista

Adorable 16-year-old Emma Roberts is following in the famous footsteps of her Aunt Julia.

The young Roberts is starring in super producer Jerry Weintraub’s “Nancy Drew” movie this summer, and Emma wants her fans to be prepared for a mysteriously good time.

“We had so much fun making it,” Emma told us. “I think it’s going to be good.”

Emma is now also the face behind a trendy line of purses coming out in May. The fashion savvy sweetheart even helped design the bags named after her.

“They come in three different sizes and it comes in a ton more colors,” she showed us. “I personally thought it’s just like a cute everyday bag.”

Emma, a fan of Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture, told us she hopes this is just the beginning of her designer days.

“I know a lot of actors do that,” Emma said. “It sounds so cliché, like I want to have a clothing line. But I want to have a real clothing line and kind of not have it be like my name, just have it be totally separate. But I still want to design it.”

Sounds like Emma has the perfect design to keep her star on the rise!