Celebrity Contenders Vie for Dream Gig: Hosting 'Price is Right'

Bob Barker has been America’s most beloved game show host for 35 years.

Now, the 17-time Emmy winner is sharing the real reason why he’s retiring from “The Price is Right”: “I was 83 years old last December, and I want to retire while I'm still young,” the timeless legend dished.

Still looking fit and dapper, Barker was just honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Thursday for his 50-year career in showbiz.

“It means a great deal to me,” he admitted.

Of course, everyone is dying to know who will take over the famously skinny microphone when the “Price is Right” legend steps down in June, and “Extra” is introducing the host of celebrity contenders… including Ms. Rosie O’Donnell.

“I have visions for ‘The Price is Right,’” Rosie said of her “dream job.”

We’ve also learned the short list includes George Hamilton, John O’Hurley and “Extra’s” very own Mario Lopez!

When our Tanika Ray asked Mario if he’ll be asking contestants to “come on down,” he was tight lipped.

But you’ll never guess who Bob would like to replace him: Art Linkletter!

“My recommendation is 95 years old, and he probably wouldn’t do it for more than a week or so, but Art Linkletter would be great,” Barker said.

Meanwhile, as he prepares to give away his final TV showcase, Bob had some words of wisdom for his successor: “Don't imitate me, or don't imitate anyone else, just be yourself.”