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Larry Birkhead's Lawyer Bills Top $620,000

Is Larry Birkhead being taken to the cleaners by the lawyer he fired two weeks ago?

Yes, according to TMZ.com, who reports that Birkhead just received a bill from his former attorney Debra Opri for more than $620,000, which includes $25 from her husband’s laundry, $600 for a lobster dinner and 18 limo trips to and from court.

TMZ’s managing editor Harvey Levin told “Extra” that Birkhead even got a whopping bill for attending Anna Nicole’s funeral.

“She charged 10 hours for the funeral, and we know this. He had asked her not even to show up,” Levin dished. “There is going to be a big dispute over Debra Opri’s legal bill.”

However, Opri contends and insists all of the charges sent Birkhead’s way are “reasonable, necessary and appropriate.”