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How Jenny McCarthy Lost 60 Pounds

She's been a playboy playmate, a sitcom TV star, and she’s dating one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, Jim Carrey. But now Jenny McCarthy has a new title: America’s New Diet Queen.

“Extra” hit the field with Jenny in New York, where she shared her story of ballooning up to 211 pounds and revealed that she lost 60 pounds with Weight Watchers.

“After I delivered my baby, I was very heavy,” she said. “I did six months in the program, and I got to my goal weight.”

Jenny is marking her successful fight with fat by becoming the face for Weight Watchers Online for Men, and she’s taking baseball great Ron Darling up to bat, coaching the all-star pitcher on what the diet can do for him.

“It really taught me to continue a healthy lifestyle because before I really would shove food in my mouth then go, ‘Oh, it's gone,’ and it really made me evaluate what I’m eating and how much,” she admitted.

In fact, Jenny told us the real victory came on her son's first birthday.

“I looked at the pair of jeans that I was wearing before I gave birth and slipped them on and buttoned them for the first time,” she revealed.