Chandra Wilson: 'I Don't Have to Be a Size Two!'

“Grey’s” star Chandra Wilson couldn’t be hotter right now, whether she wants to accept it or not.

“I still look around, a little to see exactly who they’re talking about,” she admitted. “I’m still a little shocked.”

Yes, from Chandra’s SAG statue to an NAACP Image Award, Dr. Bailey still can’t quite get over all the attention.

“You are a mentor whether you want to be or not,” she said.

The good doc told us that although she plays her tough as nails character to perfection, she’s actually quite different in real life.

“She's more direct about things. I'm much more maternal,” Wilson says of her character. “I like to hold hands, walk people through things whereas she's like, ‘Look, you got to catch it when I throw it out!’”

Chandra even revealed to “Extra” that her part wasn’t originally made for someone who looks like her.

“She was a short, white, blonde female called ‘The Nazi,’” Wilson shared.

Now, the role is all hers and she is happy just the way she is.

“I don’t have to be a size two. I’m alright where I am,” she insisted. “I don’t have to change my nose. I can just present the instrument that I am and that should be enough.”

Before we parted ways, Chandra also commented on the recent media attention over tabloid stories from the “Grey’s Anatomy” set.

Her thoughts? Enough is enough; the cast is still a close knit family.

“It’s got to be,” she said. “And you know, you just have to keep all that stuff in perspective and hopefully the work will continue to speak for itself.”

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