'Sopranos' Kicks Off Final Season in Manhattan

It’s officially the beginning of the end for “The Sopranos.”

Tony, Carmela and Paulie Walnuts were all there as the whole gang hit the blood red carpet for the mob hit’s final premiere.

“This is hard. I didn’t expect it to be as sort of heavy as it has turned out to be,” Edie Falco admitted.

“I was crying,” added Aida Turturro. "I got a little sad just thinking about it being the end.”

As usual, James Gandolfini was a man of few words as he arrived with his date. But we did spot him chatting with Daniel Baldwin, who will guest star as himself this season.

Daniel also confirmed rumors that he reached out to Britney Spears during her recent stint in rehab; the actor has had his own drug problems.

“I did speak with Britney a couple times. I’m so glad that she’s doing well and that she’s staying sober,” Baldwin confessed. “She was very gracious and very honest, and I think she was a little fearful. We should all pray for her.”

As for the “Sopranos” final season, how will it all end?

There were whispers that a key character gets whacked early on, but don’t ask creator David Chase.

“Nobody gets whacked,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, Tony Sirico revealed to “Extra” that he has shot his final “Sopranos” scene.

“My last scene? Really big. I had 100 people hug me after the fact,” he dished. “Lot of people crying, you know. There were no tears coming out of my eyes.”

And with only a few scenes left to shoot, it’s pretty much a wrap for “The Sopranos”…. Well, almost.

“I have one more day; my last scene with Mr. Soprano, not done yet,” Lorraine Bracco, who plays Tony's shrink, confessed.

As for life after the HBO show, would Uncle Junior ever consider “Dancing with the Stars?”

“If they want to dance, they got to call me because I can do a mean tango,” he promised.

“The Sopranos” are back with a bang, Sunday night on HBO.