Heather Mills Flips, as 'Dance' Competition Officially Heats Up!

A red-hot Heather Mills literally turned “Dancing with the Stars” upside down Monday night, stunning 25 million viewers with a daring back walkover!

But it was the judges who flipped for her performance.

“You did a back walkover,” Carrie Ann said. “I’m just blown away by you!”

But “Extra” knew something special was coming before the show even began.

“We’ve got one trick, which will surprise a lot of people,” Heather promised.

Only we were with Heather in rehearsal before the big show when she gave us the heads up.

“I don’t think it would be anything anyone would expect,” she dished.

While Heather’s performance was a knockout, boxing great Laila Ali was the heavy hitter of the evening with the highest scorer.

It was also a day to celebrate with former “Extra” host Leeza Gibbons, who turned 50 and celebrated with her fellow “Dancing Stars.”

“What a great birthday. What a way to celebrate,” Leeza gushed before Bruno encouraged her to bring out her inner tramp on the dance floor.

“I never thought my tramp was that far back,” she joked.

But we got the best gift Monday night, as we learned a few tricks of the ballroom trade from the stars… including their fabulous tans!

So what’s the secret to their golden glow?

“Every Sunday they spray us down,” Apollo Ohno told us.

Meanwhile, Joey Fatone showed us how he keeps his pants in place, revealing the only thing falling off is the weight… 20 pounds so far, to be exact.

And former Miss USA Shandi fessed up about her special “Dancing” diet.

“We’re like going through drive-thrus. Bacon cheeseburgers, French fries,” she admitted.

“When you’re working out like this, you can eat whatever you want,” her partner Brian added.

Find out who will spin off the dance floor and who will stay, when “Dancing with the Stars” returns Tuesday night on ABC.