Sanjaya Survives 'Idol' as Stephanie is Sent Packing

It was shock and awe Wednesday night as one of "American Idol's" best singers, Stephanie Edwards, got the boot.

Touted as a frontrunner, Stephanie was sent packing, while vocally challenged heartthrob Sanjaya Malakar miraculously survived to make the coveted top 10 despite Simon's prediction here on "Extra."

"He's not going to win," the "Idol" judge promised. "I won't be back if he does."

But on Thursday, Judge Paula Abdul weighed in on survivor Sanjaya and why she thinks he is still around.

"When he smiles, he's just the purest of souls," Abdul said. "I think young girls are having a love affair with Sanjaya."

Girls like 13-year-old crying girl Ashley Ferl, who spoke with our Terri Seymour at her home Thursday about her tearful dream come true embrace with Sanjaya.

So does Ashley truly believe he's a good singer? "Yes," she said, adding that she loves his hair.

But Ashley also admitted that Sanjaya isn't the only "Idol" hopeful she and her friends love.

"They all like Melinda and Lakisha," Ashley told us.

This 13-year-old fan wasn't the only one singing along in the audience Wednesday night; "Extra" spotted "Desperate Housewife" Teri Hatcher at the show with her daughter Emerson.

In New York City, last year's "Idol" runner-up Katharine McPhee told "Extra's" A.J. Calloway that she has her own favorite this year.

"I like Blake," she dished. "You know, he's just cool."

We caught up with Kat Wednesday night at the Self magazine party for her new hot body cover issue, where the "Idol" alum revealed she's pulling for a battle of the sex's showdown.

"I don't know if Blake will take it, but I always think a guy-girl finale is best, they're the most exciting," McPhee gushed.

"Extra" has also learned there is more "Idol" excitement planned for next week as Gwen Stefani coaches the top 10 and performs live.

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