Michelle Pfeiffer Returns to Big Screen after 3-Year Hiatus

After a three-year Hollywood hiatus, beauty Michelle Pfeiffer is smiling, stunning and looking like she never left.

The star sat down with “Extra” to discuss the movie that brought her back: “Hairspray.”

“I feel so blessed,” Michelle said. “Like I’m part of something really special.”

We joined Michelle and the cast at ShoWest in Las Vegas, where the screen goddess just couldn't stop gushing about joining John Travolta for a little big screen Broadway magic.

“I was crying,” Pfeiffer admitted. “I was sobbing, and I called my agent after the read through, and I said thank you so much.”

But maybe it’s Michelle they should be thanking for adding her Golden Globe winning talent and still stunning looks to the ensemble.

“You know I think when I was younger I really didn't take care of myself at all,” she admitted. “I basically lived off Coca Cola and cigarettes. That was my diet. As I’ve gotten older, I take really good care of myself, and I’m happy.”

But “Hairspray” is just part of Michelle’s huge 2007 Hollywood comeback. She is also starring in the fantasy adventure “Stardust” with Robert De Niro and Sienna Miller and the romantic comedy “I Could Never Be Your Woman.”

Speaking of romance, Pfeiffer opened up about her husband of 13 years, producing dynamo David E. Kelley.

“I feel so lucky,” she told us. “I think compatibility is really important, and I think respect. Because that is sexy to me, and I really respect him.”

When the topic turned to David’s new show, “The Wedding Bells,” Michelle shared a little secret about their nuptials: “He knew nothing. It was a total surprise to him.”