Jennifer Lopez Spills 'Idol' Secrets to 'Extra'

Jennifer Lopez is counting down the days until she takes the “American Idol” stage, where she will not only perform but also coach the contestants.

“Extra” was with J Lo and her main man, Marc Anthony, at the ShoWest Film Convention in Las Vegas where the two unveiled “El Cantante,” a film about a man who led the salsa movement to the U.S. The pair also spilled a few “Idol” secrets.

Jerry Penacoli: Are you excited about doing [“Idol”]?

Jennifer Lopez: Yes, I’m very excited. I watched it last night. I have a couple of favorites.

JP: What are you going to sing?

JL: I want to sing one of my Spanish songs. I think they’re doing a Latin album theme night.

JP: So tell me more about “El Cantante” and working with Marc.

JL: Marc was always on the project four or five years ago. Because I knew he was the person to play the role. We never expect to be married when we finally shot the movie.

JP: You guys are so in love. It’s so evident.

Marc Anthony: Dude, she’s cute, man.

JP: She’s cute. When are you going to have the little ones, calling you “mommy” and “poppy?”

MA: You’re going to hear from me first.

JP: Loud from the heavens?

MA: And it’s going to be in handcuffs because I ran down the street screaming like a mad man.

JP: In your new album, Jennifer, you sing about infidelity and betrayal, but you say it’s not autobiographical?

JL: When I got married three years ago, I just took some time to quiet everything down, and my heart led me to the projects that were important to me.

JP: And Marc, you not only produced the album, you were a backup singer too, right?

MA: She got me for cheap!

JL: For nothing!

MA: I’m still trying to figure that one out. She got me cheap, man!

JP: I understand he's doing an English album, and he's going to get you to do backup on that one.

JL: Probably. I don’t know, and I’d do it for free.