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Trump’s Tough Talk for Britney Spears

It’s the all new shot of rehabilitating superstar Britney spears, as she attended an AA meeting Monday night decked out in high heels and a dark wig.

As Brit sticks to her recovery plan at Malibu’s Promises rehab center, “Extra” learned she has a surprise supporter in Donald Trump.

“I know Britney. She’s performed for me and she was always so nice. She was like the queen five years ago… it’s very sad to see what’s happening,” The Donald admitted. “But in this world, anybody can make a comeback and hopefully somebody’s going to give Britney a second chance. She needs it," Trump said.

And he also had this advice for the mother of two.

“Somebody has to rein Britney in. She’s a good kid, she’s going to be fine, I hope,” Trump confessed. “But she really needs help, and she needs help fast before it goes too far.”

The Donald is also gearing up to crown a new Miss USA next week, and he gave “Extra” an update on the embattled current titleholder, Tara Conner.

“I saw her the other night,” he said. “She looks great, she’s gone 90 days no drugs, no alcohol.”