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The Secret Behind Richard Jeni's Suicide

On Tuesday the family of late comedian Richard Jeni came forward and revealed he suffered from two secret illnesses: severe clinical depression and psychotic paranoia.

The family made the shocking revelation on Jeni’s website, claiming the beloved comedian had been diagnosed earlier this year.

Jeni was making breakfast on Saturday morning with his girlfriend when he went to the bathroom and took his own life.

Famous friend Chris Rock talked about the passing of Richard on the “David Letterman Show” Monday night.

“He was like the least pretentious guy I knew in L.A.,” Rock said.

And as Jeni’s family reports, no one saw it coming.

“He was not down or blue, he was ill. If you knew Richard, you could understand, this was as much a shock to those close to him as it is to his fans and colleagues,” the family’s statement reads.

“The greatest compliment you could say about a comedian's act is ‘I wish I had it,’” Jay Leno continued. “And whenever I watched Richard, I’d go, ‘Man, I wish I had that material.’”

Jeni’s family’s only request for his loyal fans is to “take time to remember the joy and laughter Richard brought to the countless people he touched during his much too short life.”

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