Is Salma Hayek Secretly Married? The 'Ugly Betty' Cast Kisses and Tells!

"Extra” caught up with the cast of "Ugly Betty" at the DGA for the Museum of Television and Radio Monday night.

And with the recent news that the show's executive producer Salma Hayek is expecting, the cast couldn't hide their excitement about the impending special delivery!

“Salma snuck the secret to me, so I had to keep it a secret and that was very hard,” admitted America Ferrera.

About Hayek “having that glow,” Rebecca Romijn added, “Totally, I mean I think she kind of had that glow before too. But, she’s got it even more now! She came to visit us on the set the other day looking as gorgeous as ever with her new man.”

Vanessa Williams declared, “I haven’t met her French fiancé. But, I heard he’s pretty fabulous.”

About a wedding, Williams commented, “She’s [Salma] earthy… and very classy too. So, I’m sure it’s going to be very unique and one-of-a-kind.”

“She might surprise us all, maybe she’s already married," Rebecca chimed in.

See more of the one on one action with the "Ugly Betty" cast, as "Extra" takes you there!