Shopping in the City with Constance Marie

It’s “The George Lopez Show’s” Constance Marie, getting ready to shop until she drops in New York City!

And only “Extra” was invited along for the brunette beauty’s wild spring shopping spree.

“Being a Latin woman with a butt, I’m thinking something that makes me look sexy and cute but isn’t too tight,” Constance said.

And Intermix had just what she was looking for, including comfy shoes!

“One of my favorite things is having a thicker heal, so it’s comfortable,” Constance admitted.

She also loved Intermix’s selection of handbags and more!

And as we hung out with the lovable leading lady, we discovered that while she may be married to the lovable George Lopez on-screen, she is forever engaged in real-life to yoga instruction Kent Katich.

“I am engaged for seven years, that's right, seven years. Count 'em folks!” she joked.

In no rush for a walk down the aisle, Constance has good reason.

“Hollywood marriages, a lot have crashed and a lot have burned,” she said. “We’re doing good. So I think if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

But Constance wasn’t sharing just her shopping and marriage secrets with “Extra”; she also shared her biggest beauty secret!

“I put like a coast of aloe Vera underneath whatever moisturizer I’m wearing,” she dished.