You Tell Us: Does Jennifer Owe Simon an Apology?

It's one of the biggest lies ever told about "American Idol's" straight shooter Simon Cowell.

Now "Extra" is determining whether or not Judge Dread is really to blame for Jennifer Hudson's "A.I." boot during season three.

Despite Jennifer's claims of Simon abuse, Mr. Mean has consistently shot back at Hudson, pointing out, "We put Jennifer Hudson on 'American Idol.' The American audience voted her out; I didn't kick Jennifer Hudson out."

However, Jennifer stands by her claim that Simon was never a fan, and she issued this challenge just days ago on L.A. FOX 11 news station: "He wasn't; someone should rewind the tapes."

That's when "Extra" stepped in and took Jennifer up on her offer, and we actually found Simon complementing the rising star!

"You have proved why you're in the final 12," Simon said to Hudson in her "Idol" era. "That was great."

Cowell even praised the "Idol" wannabe about her potential to win the show: "You've now put yourself in the position where you could be a frontrunner," Simon told Hudson. "You've created something in this competition we've never had before, which is a battle of the divas."

As for that fateful night when America voted Jennifer off, a shocked Simon was dumbfounded by the results.

But what about Hudson's claim that Simon had no love for her "Idol" performances? Well, we found only one instance in which Mr. Mean criticized the starlet.

"I think you're out of your depth in this competition," Simon insisted early on in the competition.

Tune in to "Extra" Tuesday as we get Simon's reaction to the tape, and let us know if you think Jennifer Hudson owes Mr. Mean a very public apology!