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Teri Hatcher's Weekend Summit with Former President Bush

Teri Hatcher and Former President George H. W. Bush are quite the odd couple, but “Extra” knows their connection.

Our Terri Seymour was invited to the pair’s private summit in Texas over the weekend, where we caught up with Hatcher and the elder Bush at a Women’s Leadership forum hosted by the former President at Texas A&M University.

It was there that the former commander in chief gave himself a presidential pardon for the shots seen round the world of him giving the “Desperate Housewife” a cheeky pat on the behind!

"I have been teased about it relentlessly,” Bush admitted, adding, “I did not do it. The camera lies, it's a fraud.”

Once we got that subject cleared up, we had to know how these two became fast friends, which Teri revealed started when they met at the opening of the Wynn Casino in Vegas two years ago.

“I started talking about fishing, like anyone would, and he seemed to like that,” Hatcher revealed. “And somehow or other I asked him if he would mind calling my father. He said of course he would and so then he called my father and they spoke for awhile about me. So that was sort of the beginning of all of this.”

But Teri’s weekend in Texas didn’t come without company, as Teri’s dad, mom and her new beau, Stephen Kay, joined her for the event.

"I’m really honored to be here,” Teri said.

Hatcher also confided that she just finished shooting a big scene with former onscreen love, James Denton.

But she wouldn’t dish any “Housewives” secrets about the much-anticipated season finale.

“I can’t,” she insisted. “Just that there was just a great, fun, special scene we got to film that I think the audience is waiting for.”

Tune into “Desperate Housewives” on ABC to see what the hype is all about!