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Anna Nicole Smith Finally Laid to Rest in Bahamas

After some confusion and delay, Anna Nicole Smith was finally laid to rest Friday morning, following one last trip down the red carpet in a pink covered casket.

Anna Nicole's final journey home started early this morning as her body was flown on a private jet to the Bahamas.

As the funeral was about to begin, her estranged mother Virgie Arthur filed a petition to block the funeral, but that petition was quickly blocked.

Anna Nicole’s piped coffin was carried into the church by her former bodyguards.

Meanwhile, despite rumors of an open casket, the coffin remained closed. Inside, Anna Nicole wore a pink lace and beaded gown.

MSNBC’s Rita Cosby was in the church, and she told “Extra” it was a dramatic service and all of the key players spoke.

First, Virgie Arthur got up and spoke. She was followed by Larry Birkhead, both of whom discussed Anna’s relationship with themselves as well her relationship with everyone in the room.

Then, Howard K. Stern got up and spoke about his love for Anna Nicole.

Cosby recounted the event, telling us, “He also said, ‘You know what? There are a lot of people that have said some lies, and I know the truth because I lived it.’”

Stern also referred to “so-called family members,” and he looked right at Virgie Arthur, Cosby told us.

“It was a very strange, sort of surreal moment,” Cosby revealed. “Howard K. Stern, he was sobbing so much when the casket came in, almost uncontrollably. Then whole time during the service I was about five feet from him the whole time. He just stared at the casket.”

“Howard kissed the casket and Larry Birkhead sort of touched the casket very softly as he walked by,” Cosby added.

Anna Nicole’s baby daughter was not in attendance. The cause of Anna's death will be announced next week.