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Anna Nicole to Be Laid to Rest in Bahamas

Anna Nicole Smith will get a police escort Friday when she’s finally flown to the Bahamas to be buried.

On Thursday, preparations were underway to lay the former model, actress and Playboy Playmate to rest next to her son Daniel.

Exactly 22 days after her sudden death, Anna Nicole will finally be at peace, and she will be buried wearing pink, her favorite color.

“Extra” has exclusive information that her lawyer love, Howard K. Stern, is planning a viewing of her corpse, either an open casket or photos of the body.

Only we caught a sneak peek at the custom-made dress Smith will wear for eternity; it was wrapped in a white garment bag, although we could tell it is cotton candy pink.

We’re also told the dress was designed by Anna Nicole’s friend Pol’ Atteu, who created many of her red carpet creations.

“I loved making things for her,” Pol’ Atteu admitted. “She gave me the color scheme; she was very particular.

“Extra” has also learned the final goodbyes will carry out at 10:30 a.m. with a church memorial service attended by 300 friends and family members.

The service will be “very over the top and very pink” and country singer Joe Nichols will perform.

The actual burial, however, will be for an intimate group of 30, where friends plan to place photos of themselves inside her casket, according to talent scout Patrick Simpson.

“We’re just here to support our friend, Anna, and make sure all of her wishes are carried out,” Simpson revealed.

Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and Anna’s mother, Virgie Arthur, will all be there.

On the official death certificate filed Wednesday, obtained by TMZ.com, Stern is notably not listed as Anna’s husband but as “nominated executor.”

According to the document, Anna Nicole’s level of education is 8th grade or less.

“Extra” will be there Friday as the touching event unfolds, and Anna is laid to rest for eternity.