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Tales from a Plastic Surgeon's Wife

Frances Marques is a 40-year-old Brazilian beauty with the body of a 20-year-old.

But her amazing looks aren’t just the result of her favorite exercise, which is pole dancing; Frances revealed to “Extra” she has found her own fountain of youth in her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon hubby, Dr. Ryan Stanton.

And she owes every inch of her now perfect body to him.

“I’ve had everything done: I had my eyes, my nose, my lips, my breasts,” Marques admitted. “I became very addicted. My husband always says, stop it, you don't need anything else, but I always go please, just a little Botox here. No, you don't need it.”

Marques attributes her new look to laser treatments, which were used to repair her sun damaged skin. She also revealed her secret to keeping her silky skin smooth: the skin care line NIA 24.

“I use only the scrub, the moisturizer and the sunscreen, and they cover everything I need,” Marques said.

But laser treatments were just the beginning of Frances’ plastic surgery makeover; she just had her breasts done… for the fourth time!

“Before I met my husband, I did my breasts three times in Brazil,” Marques dished. “And every time I did my breasts, I got scar tissue around the implants, so it turned hard.”

To avoid the same result, Dr. Stanton put his wife on an anti-oxidant shake he developed that reduces the formation of scar tissue, which Frances still drinks every day.

“My body looks younger, my skin looks better,” she said.

So what’s left on her surgery wish list?

“Maybe five years from now, I want to do my neck,” Marques said.