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Katie and Posh's Girls Night Out

"Extra" spotted Hollywood's newest BFFs, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, in Beverly Hills Monday night as they hit the town for a girl's night out!

The brunette beauties both left their children and husbands behind as they made a scene, signing autographs after they had dinner at posh Italian eatery Spago.

We were there as a camera clamor surrounded Posh Spice just as big news broke that she's reportedly going to get nearly $19 million to do a new reality show following her move to America, brokered by "American Idol's" Simon Fuller.

Posh's sexy soccer star hubby, David Beckham, will also be featured on the show, which may be similar to Fuller's "The Real Beckhams" DVD, which is an uncensored look at one of the world's most glamorous couples.