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Birkhead and Stern: Head to Head in Court and Dueling Over Drugs

Larry Birkhead broke down in tears Thursday, as he took his turn on the witness stand in a Florida courtroom.

The hearing was nothing short of drama, which included a medical emergency as the lawyer for Anna’s mother, Virgie Arthur, collapsed.

“Extra” has learned the lawyer will be okay, but Birkhead, who claims to be Dannielynn’s dad, is still worried about the time he’ll never get back.

“I missed the delivery of my child; I've had to pay $4.99 for magazines to see what my child looks like,” he said.

“You don't know how many times I had to help her and sometimes I didn't know if she was going to live. And they kept bringing more and more drugs in the house,” Birkhead continued. “At times I took her medicine, and I was told by Mr. Stern to give it back to her because she needed it to live.”

Now, “Extra” is uncovering more about the man battling for Anna Nicole’s baby.

We obtained Larry’s baby picture and a photo of Dannielynn; and when the two were matched side by side, the striking resemblance was uncanny.

“Extra” was at the party where Larry and Anna Nicole first met in 2004, and we uncovered a photo of the tattoo Larry had inked on his back featuring a bikini-clad Anna Nicole

In the end, the judge recommended Anna be buried next to her son. But he revealed that Dannielynn’s guardian ad litem, Richard Milstein, will consult with Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur to decide the final resting place of Anna.

As the verdict was read, all three parties broke into tears.

With this ruling, the Anna Nicole drama is far from over, as Milstein will be required to work with all three parties to determine the burial of Anna Nicole, on behalf of her sole survivor, Dannielynn.