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Did Britney Make Paris Run?

They were instant best friends who were seen painting the town red at all hours of the night.

Then, almost as suddenly as she appeared, Paris Hilton vanished from Britney’s side.

So long gone are the days of the Paris-Britney friendship. In fact, “Extra” was told not to even ask the hotel heiress about Britney’s recent troubles when we caught up with Hilton at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for her 26th birthday bash.

“I love Las Vegas,” Paris gushed. “I come here every year, it’s a tradition.”

But when the conversation turned to the recent Newsweek cover featuring the one time BFFs, we learned how far Hilton’s people were prepared to take the Britney ban as they stepped in and stopped the interview in its tracks.

“We’re done,” her rep barged in. “Thank you.”