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Did Scarlett and Justin's Steamy Music Video Lead to Romance?

Romance rumors have been running rampant ever since Scarlett Johansson filmed a steamy music video with Justin Timberlake, and now the sexy starlet is opening up to “Extra” about that hot shoot.

“Surprisingly, it was the same as making a movie,” Scarlett said. “There was an affair, drama, violence, death – all in about nine minutes.”

But did this red-hot, mini-movie ignite a real-life romance?

Scarlett stayed mum when it came to Justin. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

We were with the star in Boston where she received this year's Hasty Pudding Pot Award for her contribution to entertainment.

“I'm going to display it proudly on my mantle, on top of the fireplace,” she revealed.

Scarlett was treated to a parade, a few men in drag and a little ribbing about a revealing Vanity Fair cover.

“I didn't realize how naked I was,” Scarlett admitted. “Until it was blown up to that poster size. Now I see what the sensation was all about!”

Scarlett is sure to create another sensation this spring in "The Nanny Diaries” and also in her new album. Yes that’s right, Scarlett is jumping into the music arena.

“It's an album of Tom Waits songs, and we start recording in May,” she told us.

But don’t expect to see Justin in one of Scarlett’s videos: “Um, probably not, I have to say.”