Oprah and Ellen: Why the Talk Show Divas Are Teaming Up

It's true, the unthinkable has happened! Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are teaming up for the first time, as Oprah sits down on Ellen's couch.

Only "Extra" was with the funny lady to talk about the monumental daytime television event.

"She doesn't do a lot of shows, and we're kind of competitors," Ellen told us. "In a lot of markets we're on exactly at the same time opposite each other. She's a friend and acquaintance, so it will be cool."

From Lady O to W magazine, Ellen opened up about her sultry photo shoot for the glamorous magazine.

"People just don't see me like that all the time," Ellen said of the sexy shots. "And I don't really show that much of my body; I do have cleavage, underneath here I have cleavage."

But don't expect to see any cleavage come Oscar night, as Ellen told us she plans on sporting several different suits during her dream hosting gig.

Needless to say, DeGeneres is nervous, but she is taking solace in the fact every Academy Award contender will be just as nervous.

"They're nervous... they're thinking about whether they're going to win or if they do, what they're going to say," Ellen said. "Those people in that room will not be listening to me."

Catch Ellen and countless other stars live out their dream on ABC, Feb 25.

And this just in -- "Extra" has learned Tom Cruise, Kate Winslet and Ben Affleck will all be presenters for the big night.