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Reports Claim Anna Nicole Entered Rehab While Pregnant

The shocking discoveries made since the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith continue to unravel today.

On Monday, “Extra” broke news that the former Playboy Playmate may have died before paramedics even arrived, and medical examiner Joshua Perper confirmed to “Extra” that it is certainly a possibility.

So what killed Anna Nicole Smith?

“If someone could die of a broken heart, it’s certainly Anna,” admitted her longtime friend, and former boss, TrimSpa CEO Alex Goen.

Goen questions the overdose theory, telling “Extra” he never noticed any drug use by Smith.

But Larry Birkhead, the photographer who claims he is Dannielynn’s real father, is now making this shocking claim: Anna Nicole checked into a Los Angeles drug-detox program while she was pregnant.

TMZ.com has discovered a speeding ticket that Birkhead got last April on his way to see a pregnant Anna Nicole at a hotel in Studio City, Calif.

What’s more, Birkhead’s explanation to the cops was, “I got a call from my pregnant wife, she’s sick.”

On Tuesday, Birkhead’s lawyer said he actually told the cops he said girlfriend, not wife, but because his comment was spontaneous, it proves he believes he’s the father of the baby girl.

Now, “Extra” breaks news on the other dueling daddy’s high-level meeting with police; we’ve learned that Howard K. Stern went to cops in the Bahamas claiming someone broke into their island mansion and stole precious mementos, including Dannielynn’s birth certificate.

“Pictures that Anna Nicole drew of the baby, six to seven thousand pictures, a video tape of Anna giving birth to Dannielynn Hope…” have all been taken, Goen revealed.

But now the break-in is raising new concern about Dannielynn’s safety.

Howard’s sister Bonnie broke news to “Extra” just moments after appearing on “Larry King Live.”

“The baby is in jeopardy right now of being kidnapped,” she said. “He’s not going to allow that to happen. He’s going to protect that baby.”

For now, Dannielynn remains in the Bahamas, and Anna Nicole’s spiritual advisor, Ruby Darling, told “Extra” that she has seen the little girl.

“Here is a baby that is as calm as a bug in a rug or a bird in a nest during the storms of life,” Ruby said.

On Tuesday, another new storm stirred some controversy involving Anna Nicole: photos of the former model in bed with the Bahamas Immigration Minister Shane Gibson, which landed in the Nassau Tribune.

But Gibson revealed on Bahamas TV Tuesday that there’s an innocent explanation.

“After the tragic death of her son, my entire family sort of became her family,” he assured.

As for Anna Nicole’s family, we’ve learned her mother remains in the Bahamas, while her father Donald Hogan is in seclusion in Texas.

We’ve also learned that Anna’s father believes his ex-wife should get custody of Baby Dannielynn.