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Ryan O'Neal's Son Found Chained Up Night of Fight

There is a new twist in Ryan O’Neal’s family feud.

“Extra” has learned that Ryan’s son with Farrah, Redmond O’Neal, was found chained up the night that Ryan rumbled with his other son, Griffin.

“We're told that Griffin, literally, dog tied Redmond up to the banister in the house and it set Ryan off," revealed TMZ.com Managing Editor Harvey Levin.

Ryan's longtime manager, Neil Hassman, revealed that the fight escalated quickly.

“The boys get in an argument, Ryan gets between them. That set Griffin off,” Hassman said. “Griffin reached over and grabbed the poker from the fireplace and he started swinging it around wildly at Ryan and Redmond.”

Despite accusations made Wednesday by Griffin's lawyer, Hassman said that Ryan was not the aggressor, and he has the wounds to prove it.

“Ryan's got vertical bruises down both forearms,” Hassman revealed.

As for the single shot that was fired, Hassman told us, “I can’t stress this enough. He very intentionally pointed the gun away from where the bullet could have gone and hit anybody and fired into a very thick banister.”

Hassman adds, in the midst of this family tragedy the person hurting the most is Farrah.

"I saw her Monday morning, it was three days later, and she was still visibly shaken...really, really uptight about it," he said.