Hatcher Puts Botox Rumors to Rest

The intriguing world of Wisteria Lane vaulted “Desperate Housewife” Teri Hatcher into the spotlight and under the microscope, leading to Internet rumors that the ageless beauty may be fending off aging with a little help from the wrinkle buster Botox.

But Hatcher, 42, set the record straight in the March issue of British Glamour magazine.

“I don’t use Botox or Restylane,” she asserted. “I’ve never had any surgery, no matter what you’ve read.”

Responding to the rumors, Teri admitted, “That’s the one downside of fame – on any day you can find loads of hideously mean things said about you online. My friends keep threatening to put child locks on my computer so I can’t torture myself. It hurts, you know?”

The starlet also shared that she has started a production company, so that if those wrinkles do appear, no one has to see them.

“I’m developing television programs and movies to produce, not star in,” she revealed.

As for the inevitable aging process, Hatcher admitted that she has struggled over the years to like herself so that “the appearance of a few more lines doesn’t really worry me.”